Brush-T Durable Low-Resistance Consistent Height Plastic Tees

The Original Brush Tee gives you greater accuracy, distance and durability.
Every tee comes with a ball marker and holder to protect the bristles.
Conforms to R&A and USGA rulings

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The innovative Brush-T performance golf tee allows you to tee your ball at a consistent height on flexible synthetic bristles that bend on impact, creating a feel of driving the ball off the air. Unlike a regular golf tee, the bristles on the brush tee provide significantly less resistance which produces dramatically longer and straighter drives. Simply push the Brush-T into the ground all the way to the brush base and you can tee it up to the same height every time. This consistent tee height will improve your launch angle while improving your distance and accuracy. Made of a durable plastic these tees are built to last. Brush-T’s are permitted under the USGA Rules of Golf. Available in multiple sizes to accommodate Large Drivers, Drivers, Woods, Irons, and Hybrids.
Brush-T’s bristles provide less resistance on impact, allowing your drives to go farther and straighter.
Brush-T design sets your ball at the same height each time giving you greater consistency in your drives.
Made of durable plastic and built to last.
Stores in its own protective case to keep bristles straight and includes a ball marker.
Available in multiple sizes to accommodate a variety of clubs.
Permitted under the USGA Rules of Golf.

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