Improve your golf swing consistency


Do you want to improve your golf swing but are sick of trying strategies that simply do not work? Well it is important to remember the key to improving your golf swing consistency is to take a few tips from the pros but not compare yourself to them. To help you step up your golf game without sacrificing your sanity, consider the following professional tips that are sure to improve your golf swing consistency.

Grip, balance, and alignment

To improve your golf game you must pay attention to how you grip your club, improve your balance, and adjust your alignment perfectly.


Although some pros may swear by a specific grip there really is no right or wrong way to handle your club. Once you find a comfortable grip then keep it consistent.


Your balance includes your posture and how relaxed you are when you swing. Without proper balance you will not have a consistent swing. Keep your knees bent softly, your arms hanging down, and your weight evenly distributed to the balls of your feet. Bending from the hips is also crucial for an accurate swing.


Your alignment should be consistent each and every time. Alignment refers to lines that make up your complete posture. Your feet, hips, knees, and shoulders need to be completely aligned for the perfect swing. When you develop a consistent alignment your swing will improve dramatically.

The -V-

There is something to be said for the “V” which is squaring your shoulders down through your arms and into your grip and keeping this “V” shape through the entirety of your swing, with practice and perseverance you will achieve this out of habit.

Discover your personal rhythm

One of the most important aspects of your swing is your flow, or your rhythm. To improve golf swing consistency you have to analyze your rhythm and find out where you are going wrong. Most professional golfers have a longer back-swing then downswing. Count to 4 in your head as you swing to develop the right rhythm.

Improve golf swing consistency by focusing on your personal physical capabilities instead of comparing yourself to the pros. With a little practice and attention to detail you will have an improved golf swing consistency.

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